Disrupting Performance Marketing: fintech solutions to track actions, pay and get paid

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CapyFast helps publishers to get paid faster - you don’t need to wait until the advertiser will pay for your services anymore.
CapyLink is the solution to track users’ actions on advertisers’ websites and mobile apps, based on financial data - card transactions, bank transfers, refunds and other.
CapyAccount is a full-scale bank account designed specifically for publishers. Get proper IBAN, receive and send payments, do payouts to your users smoothly and much more using friendly interfaces, APIs, and reasonable fees.
Accept payments online with attractive rates, fast settlement, and various payment methods supported - cards, wallets, local payment schemes (like UPI or UzCard), and more.
CapyPayouts is a product for B2B and B2C payments, designed for publishers and advertising networks. Enjoy multi-currency settlement accounts, a wide range of end-points (bank accounts, wallets, cards, and more), nearly real-time money funds delivery, attractive exchange and transaction fees.
CapyCard is designed to help publishers with their business spending and focuses on maintaining seamless and secure payments for media buying as well as utilizing opportunities provided by the embedded loyalty programs of the world’s largest companies.
We know how challenging it can be to get a loan for a small business. Apply for the cash business loan designed for publishers and customized to the specifics of the performance marketing industry.
Solution for bloggers and streamers to receive donations from users globally - securely, nearly in real-time, and with reasonable fees.
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